I create colourful and exuberant abstract art works.  I experiment with the tensions between geometric and organic shapes and blend and contrast colours until I find satisfying rhythms and harmonies.   Whilst starting with an aesthetic focus, as the work develops I respond to the feelings and ideas that it evokes and draw on my love of music, nature and architecture and concerns about current social and political issues.

Colour is central to this practice. I use bright and intense colours that I hope will evoke positive emotions in others, as they do in me. I create work that is playful and uplifting as an antidote to the constant flow of depressing news from the media.  You will find examples of this part of my practice in the Gallery.

I also combine my creativity and long-standing interests in social history and politics to make work that stimulates discussion about contemporary social issues.  By looking back at what’s been, and forward at what might be, we can take a fresh look at where we’re going.  From immersing myself in an issue, the best way to engage an audience emerges.  This is demonstrated in “Who is London For?”


Masters Degree in Fine Art UAL: Chelsea College of Art 2019
Graduate Diploma in Fine Art UAL: Chelsea College of Art 2017
Foundation Diploma in Fine Art: Hampstead School of Art 2016
Certificate in London Social History: London University Birkbeck College 2009
Diploma in Social Work: Birmingham University 1974
Honours Degree in Political Theory and Institutions: Liverpool University 1970



Karen Tronel Gallery, Lillie Road, London


MA Final Show: Chelsea College of Art, London
& AnOther Angle: Maxilla Space, Ladbroke Grove, London
Interlocution: MAFA Gallery, Chelsea College, London
Interim MA Show: The Cookhouse, Chelsea College, London
Open Studios: Chelsea College of Art, London


If you want it fresh, buy it frozen: Chelsea College of Art, London
The Big Fridge: Safehouses 1 and 2, Peckham, London
Hot Dairy: The Cookhouse, Chelsea College of Art, London